Finally able to get back out on the CA delta for some R&R on the water. Had to brave the 15-30mph winds out there all day looking for striped bass. Not much success this time out except for a few shakers (under limit length - keeper size is 18" minimum in the delta).  We did happen to land this well fed carp that consumed our worm we were using for bait fish. First time for us to see and/or catch carp here. We had heard they are out here but have never seen them until today. They look like giant gold fish. I landed this one on a 4lb monocarbon line. Made a dash towards the boat then gave a little fight before we were able to net it. Catch and released. 

Hey, have you checked out our cool soakable UV mesh hats?! Exclusive at In my haste to get out on the water I inadvertently left mine in the car today. Could have used it out there to keep that sun off my face and neck. Great fishing hat!