They say the refreshing sound of fishing line suddenly spooling out of your reel is worth it's own fish story.  That sudden experience of excitement and rush of adrenaline in which nothing else matters except reaching your rod and retrieving it from the rod holder as quickly as possible to set the hook to find out if it's the BIG one is priceless. Many times it doesn't really matter whether you land that fish or not.  Who hasn't heard of some angler's story about the big one that got away and how it almost spooled out his or her reel?

My wife and I were recently out enjoying a nice day on the Suisun Delta with the sun shining overhead, the water and air was calm, and we were putting along trolling Yo Zuri Crystal Minnow Deep Divers in the sloughs along with the current. We had no action for about 30 minutes after we started trolling and then we got a hit. The line starting ripping out of the reel so quickly that both of us jumped for the rod and almost ran into each other!  We were able to quickly set the hook, figured out who was pulling in the fish and who would control the boat and after 12 minutes of fighting the beast at the end of the line we landed this beautiful 19.5lb striper bass.  

We have 2 fish stories for this one...One about our extreme excitement at the time the fish got hooked, and the other about the 12-minute experience of reeling it in and getting it into the boat.