Remember to properly dispose of your used fishing line..ALWAYS!


Improperly disposed line can be hazardous to marine life, birds, swimmers, pets, and even boat propellers. Even at landfills the fishing line can remain harmful to wildlife. It's best to recycle used fishing line whenever possible. 

Local tackle shops may offer recycling. In addition, you'll likely find waterfront recycling bins at launch ramps, piers and public fishing spots. Monofilament and fluorocarbon can be recycled to make other plastic products like toys, tackle boxes, fishing line spools. Berkley Pure Fishing Company in Iowa recycles fishing line. Braided line or line that contains wire is not recycled.

Can't find a recycling bin for your used fishing line and don't have a large enough shipment to send to Iowa? Then ALWAYS cut your line into small pieces (less than 6 inches) and place in a trash bag/container or covered trash bin. I usually take my used line, loosely loop the whole amount around my hand and then use my knife, snips or scissors to cut up the looped line into the small pieces. I then place in a garbage bag I carry on the boat. Once I return to the launch ramp I place the cut-up pieces of line into a public fishing line recycle tube/container at the dock. 

Do your part to protect the environment. Every little effort by every angler DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Fish on!