Striped bass : Roccus Saxatilis

Main Region : Columbia River, Washington south to Los Angles, California ( Delta Prime ), Maine to Florida.

Fishing Habitat : Tidal rivers ( tolerant of changes in salinity ), in the surf against the shore, in rip tides, on flats, grubbing for sand eels, around structure. Known for feeding in rough and moving water. Cooler waters drive fish deeper or further south.

Major Food : Fishes, Crustaceans: Worms, Mud-suckers etc.

Major Seasons : In southern waters, fresh and brackish water year round, In northern waters mid April - November. In gulf June to January.

 Fly Fishing 

  • 8 to 10 weight shooting head, use lead core line for deep fish. Leader : 10 lb Test
  • Shock Tippet : 40 lb test for bigger fish
  • Match the action of the food source also look for onshore
  • Winds drive the bait-fish close to shore
  • Go where the bait is. Its easier to fool the striper in rough water than calm except in Fall when they are schooled up and feeding in calm water as well
  • Fly Patterns : Clouser Minnow 2/0, Deceiver 2/0, Silicone 3/0, Salt Water Divers 2/0

Live & Cut Bait

  • For best results use cut bait like shad, sardine, anchovies
  • Live Grass shrimp & ghost shrimp. Live minnows are fun
  • In spring & summer many use mudsuckers & bullheads
  • Fillet one side of chad for scent and better trolling action
  • Use hook size to match the bait from 2/0 to 5/0
  • Thread bullheads & mudsuckers so line enters near tail, under skin and exit at top of head
  • Stripers attack pray head first
  • Spring is best for trolling, and Fall is best to soak baits
  • Delta favorite spots are Franks Tract, White Slough, Potato Slough, Mokelumne River, Cache slough & power lines below Rio Vista.
  • Limit 2 Daily, 2 in possession