Finally able to get back on the water and catch a few nice stripers. Between winter days of rain, wind, family events, holidays and busy times at work it's been a bit challenging to grab a day here and there to get out to the delta to soak bait and bring home some dinner.

"River to plate can't ever wait!"

We caught both of these beautiful stripers on live bait. Actually, we caught both of them on the same bait and hook within minutes of each other.  We tried fly fishing for a little while, then tried casting various lures along some of our favorite spots to no avail that morning so we found a new place, dropped anchor, rigged up the bait and waited for the tide change. 

We started getting a few nibbles and teaser pulls on the rod ends. After checking our bait a couple of times we were able to convince the first striper to commit and had a fun time landing him. The bait was still alive and on the hook so we recycle it into the same spot. Within a few minutes we had another commitment on the end of the line and pulled the 2nd striper into the boat. 

After that we lost the bite for the rest of the afternoon but headed home with smiles and that great feeling of being blessed to have another successful day on the delta!